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An interrelated modular services that cater for the sales organization challenges that could be best described as an iceberg.

Coming from a scientific mindset, we believe that 80% of solving the problem is by understanding the problem. Thus our approach and action plan is based on a key element of our policy, which is developing a 360-degree understanding of the challenges, requirements and situation of our client, leaving no stone un-turned prior on working within any of the below fields.

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy planning for revenue growth determines your growth priorities. Applying mathematical analysis will aid to segment the biggest opportunities and right product line to focus and better understand your customer segmentation reach. Accordingly it aids in defining what pre- and post-sale activities you will need to realize your advantages and deliver your unique messages convincingly and your pricing strategy. These considerations lead to informed decisions on what Sales Model should be followed, whether to sell direct, specialize, engage partners or add an inside sales team. It will also inform how these resources should be deployed. Heed comes to integrate itself part of the client to aid in the entire process, that have proved result with excess of 27% revenue growth in several projects.

  • Sales Model
  • Growth Priorities
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy


Sales organizational design is a direct reflection of your goals, market opportunities and the types of sales motions needed to execute. It should have a clear methodology and understanding that ensure that you are adequately and profitably covering your customers and territories, and devoting the right amount of effort, skills, and time to each customer segment, product line and sales activity. Thus Heed comes in to scientifically design the best fit sales organization structure and size, and deploy the right sales targets and budgeting process along with a compensation pay scheme that reflect the strategic decisions and culture needed to be ingrained.

  • Structure & Size
  • Sales Targets
  • Compensation Plan


Based on research conducted by the Sales Management Association, sales forces were most effective at managing their sales pipelines if they had invested time in defining a credible, formalized sales process. Further this research showed that there was an 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that defined a formal sales process and companies that didn’t. HEED comes in with their vast sales experience, understanding of the market and on-ground sales challenges, to draw and develop the decision buying process from the client side. Accordingly we can map the required sales activities and their related milestones that aid the client to move forward within this process successfully.

  • Client-Centric Sales Process
  • Pipeline & Account Management
  • Productivity Metrics


With strategy and structure in place, measure, track and manage for constant improvement. The best sales organizations use analytics and decision frameworks for supporting sales force needs, diagnosing issues and finding opportunities, and designing and constantly improving the drivers of sales effectiveness. Sales Management framework is about equipping first-line sales managers with everything they need to scientifically and effectively select, build, lead, manage, evaluate and reward the sales team.

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Whether it’s a CRM, Business Intelligence tool for harnessing your data, cloud solutions for forecasting, compensations, selling time optimization, sales process automation and any other sales necessities. HEED plays an acoustic role in developing the IT agenda to position your sales organization for the future. Thus we draw the business needs, requirements and its architecture and accordingly we take accountability for playing the focal point between our client and the 3rd party implementor to make sure everything has been integrated well within the system and implanted within the people’s mindset.

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