Companies are investing money & time in systems that are ignored or in best case scenario, paid lip-service to them.

Accurate decision making focused on achieving sustainability is vital. Organizations must identify which technologies are critical to success, set an IT transformation agenda and develop their IT capabilities and operations to drive the business in a cost-effective and timely way.

Through our wide partners we come further to provide and aid in the implementation of the required solution while putting the business need & requirements in top-place. By creating a unified common language and by building the right processes, tools & dashboards, salespeople as well as the sales managers will believe in the system as a tool to accelerate and ease their sales efforts.


Increase the selling time by knowing how much time is put on selling vs non-selling

The amount of time sales professionals spend on selling activities is also steadily declining. In 2014, a study lead by CSO Insights showed that selling time in B2B dropped from 37% to 35% in a year’s time. Through SalesFitRX, HEED could help in optimizing your salespeople selling time. Just like FitBit wristbands help people track and plan their fitness activities.
It becomes the sales fitness coach for salespeople, playing a vital motivational tool to compete with one’s self and optimize one’s sales activities, while allowing sales professionals to see where time is being used ineffectively and identifies optics around best practices of top performers as a coaching model.
It gives valuable insights to scientifically build the best sales process pattern based on the leader’s behavior and activities.



map the sales process visually on this new generation CRM iSEEit



help organization successfully implement a CRM into place

The business value and the main objectives behind implementing any system in the first place, cannot be achieved through technology alone. It starts with people especially when it comes to sales. Further and unlike other ERP systems, the CRM should be treated differently as most of its processes are not internal ones but rather client oriented processes. HEED comes, with its solid experience in sales combined with a thorough understanding to technology, to bridge this gap and have a successful CRM implementation.We start by drawing the foundation and architecture of the business needs, thus HEED comes to integrate itself as part of the client to understand fully the business sales operation from all angles along the multidimensional communications with various departments in order to draw the business needs and its architecture within the system. Then together with the client, we work out to build vision behind the CRM, the client centric sales process, and the data governance and accordingly we take accountability for playing the focal point to make sure everything has been integrated well within the system and implanted within the people’s mindset.



We have formed strategic ventures with industry leaders in technology to further fulfill our mission in driving revenue growth

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 29,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites.

Building a data driven organization couldn’t be easier with Alteryx. The leader in data blending and advanced analytics. It provides analysts and end users with self service platform for building intuitive workflows in hours and not weeks.

If you are looking to optimize your salespeople selling time. SalesFitRX will be Fitbit® for your sales professionals. An artificial intelligence software with a radical new approach that helps you optimize your salespeople selling time.

Is this generation’s CRM, re-engineered from salespeople’s perspective and reimagined for the modern world of selling. A great solution to automate your entire sales process - all in one place; intuitive and easy to handle.

It's 2016! Time to adopt technology across your sales orginzation

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