‘Digital’ today is undoubtedly the talk of the town. But as much as digital transformation is often viewed as an implementation of digital technologies into all areas of business in order to build more sustainable relationships and better understand customers’ needs, it still translates only one way of looking at it. No perspective holds the ultimate truth, but what we can all agree on is that:


Some believe that digital transformation strategy is the most important, while others believe the success of any digital transformation lies in the use of the right technology.

We believe that technology initiatives are just the pieces of the puzzle, and strategy is the puzzle’s end picture itself. Without the pieces you cannot build the puzzle, and without strategy you will not – or in the best scenario struggle hard to –  draw the right picture.

This is why this partnership for Digital Transformation “DT2Life” came into fruition with an objective of providing our clients with a full fledged Customer Centric Digital Transformation solution for an uncommon growth. 

We pride ourselves in crafting the proper digital business strategy roadmap, re-engineering your end-to-end customer journey to fit with the new customer dynamics, anticipating disruption, conceptualizing, developing and deploying the right technology, along the right structure, roles, and cultural adoption methodologies for a successful transformation and extending our efforts to harness the power of data that will drive business development forward and accelerate growth.


The Forces Behind It

A business management consulting firm specialized in aiding companies driving their Revenue Growth through Digital Transformation.

A UAE based Tech Company specialized in Digital Transformation and Custom Software Solutions for a diverse sector of business verticals.

Mazen Farah –  Managing Partner, HEED

“Disrupt or be disrupted is the mantra of this digital age. So Digital Transformation is a must today, the choice is whether to undertake this transformation in a way that will benefit the customer and drive uncommon growth or merely choose some technology first approach.”

Ali Zein – CEO, Ideatolife

“DT2Life is a flexible and scalable way of working to provide key technological solutions for digital transformation that are individually tailored for our clients. Ideatolife’s mission is to connect all people to digital innovation.”