Revenue Leaders, this is what you have to be thinking of for your 2023 Strategic Plan

The fourth quarter of every year is to the majority of companies the time when executives & leaders settle down, analyze their current year performance, and prepare their strategic plans & initiatives to build their budgets for the following year. 

Based on Gartner’s study, growth remains the most business priority area for 2023 – although it has faded by 8% this year due to the pressure of not meeting the demand caused by supply chain challenges.
It is true that “Sales” comes last, but this area has gained a 77% positive change since last year due to difficulties in acquiring good talent and retaining top sales performers.

Recommendations we have at this point to all revenue leaders gathering data to build their growth plans for 2023:

Evolve your growth lever plans

1. Growth Strategy – Build a customer-focused strategy targeting the best growth opportunities with differentiated and mutually valuable offerings.

2. Organization Structure – An effective & efficient coverage with the full target account universe with a structure and deployment that best fit the value proposition and sales process strategies.

3. Client-Centric Process – Put your customers in the center and build an expertly and customer-focused sales process that maximizes mutual value and trust.

4. People & Skills – Revenue leaders, sales managers, and salespeople with the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to excel at their respective roles & responsibilities.

5. Drive & Motivation – A performance-focused and highly motivated culture across the organization with salespeople committed to “getting it done” and “doing it right”

6. Commercial Excellence – Governance among the growth division for highly efficient support capabilities that provide the sales force with the information, expertise, speed-to-market, and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance.

7. Digital – embarking on a digital transformation journey and intentionally combining human and technological capabilities in an entire transformation journey rather than just making some standalone digital improvements, became fundamental to defending the business and a necessity to succeed in the future.

Do not focus on the cost-control plan 

Rather focus and get a very clear growth plan – Knowing how to redirect investments & budgets to capture revenue growth will separate winners in the upcoming year


As a management consulting firm specializing in Revenue Growth and Commercial Excellence, we have helped global companies in driving their sales force effectiveness along the required transformation in order to be well-equipped for the market dynamics and industry changes in behavior. Our execution discipline has helped our clients increase their revenues by an average of 17% within a 10-month period.

CEOs and Revenue Leaders, if you believe you are missing out on the leadership practices of one or more of the above drivers, especially those that have a direct high impact on revenue growth, make sure to take the first step and connect with our team.

Perform a healthcheck on your plan