My Father didn’t Believe in Sales until my Success Sold it to him

15 years ago, when I decided to venture in the Sales career, it was the first time that I touched my father’s hesitation in encouraging me although he raised the three of us on working hard to pursue our dreams and beliefs. 

I am quite sure that my previous decisions weren’t his best choice either. When I enrolled in computer science as well as in Business within my higher education, he encouraged me then, although he much preferred me to follow law as himself or engineering as my elder brother. Further when I decided to work abroad, he also had his disagreements, but he saw the eagerness in my eyes and hence stood by my side.

But when I decided to venture in the sales career, he had his first opposition, maybe he had different dreams for me. But fortunately I had no better option at that time.

During the following years, I barely heard his criticism as he was witnessing my success, my career growth and fast development. Every time he asks about my work, he enjoys listening to the new side of a successful sales career and removes the negative perception he had – and maybe most fathers and people still have.

He always taught us to live an intense life, have our coffee strong and our dreams big, and this what he started to witness in my sales career. He started to see that sales are a power in the society and the public economy no matter in which position they are. They introduce more new goods, push for old goods and are the first to order new ones.

He started to feel how much salespeople are happy to start on new ventures while enjoying the insecurity and creating new opportunities. How much they are described as the happiest husbands or wives because they are fully aware that behind any problem lies an opportunity. How much they put up with more inconveniences and take more for granted under greater resistance than any group or body. And how much they learn to take nothing personal, and lose no temper better than any class we know – including ministers.

I am proud to be a successful member of the unsung heroes!

The One Touching Moment that Proved it all

It was in the morning of January, 3rd  2011. After I decided to contribute in the Sales Organization success and open my Sales Management Consulting firm, HEED. I always had a small part of me wondering and worrying about my father’s true feelings. But on my first day of work, my father woke up in the morning of his retirement days, graciously put up his suit, asked my mother to get dressed and drove to my new office to congratulate me and wish me luck in my new journey.

My jumping heart solved my doubt, and proved that a true father is in his belief and support to his child’s steps, dreams, and work to reach faster his/her success.

Maybe my dad wasn’t an experienced sales person, didn’t teach me any sales techniques neither much about business. Maybe there were days I wished he was in business so he could have eased my journey, but today I knew that he had developed in me the fundamentals and capabilities for success. He taught me that there are two kinds of people in life: one that dances under the rain and another that runs for a cover. He taught me the discipline and courage required to dance under the rain.

I’m not here to judge my dad’s fear from my failure if it was right or wrong, neither any of us shall judge or complain for what our Dads have given us, because definitely, definitely it was the best they could do. In fact the best you can ask for, is to make sure to make them proud.

Happy Father’s Day!

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