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Mazen E. FARAH

I wouldn’t have imagined we would have taken what we believed in back then that far. It has been many years by which we have successfully executed more than 40 intensive challenging projects across various industries and countries. I would like to thank here our clients who entrusted us in those engagements, HEED team members - current and previous - for their contribution and expertise they bring to the table.

We look forward for more successful projects and spreading further the high positive impact of integrating Science into Sales and the great effect of becoming a data driven organization.


Why HEED came to fruition

As much as management is interested in quick fixes and is used to the traditional solution of “hire better people, have a better compensation plan and bombard employees with endless training”, management is tired of the negative outcomes. Thus, main business leaders are now shifting their focus to address the root causes of their problems and PUTTING SCIENCE INTO SALES.

My previous experience in the hiring field enlightened us on Jack Welch’s perspective, “Irrespective of what hiring actions and plans one take, sales teams will be in best case divided into, 20% top sales performers, 70% middle, and 10% bottom performers.” Thus I said to myself, definitely there should be a solution that brought world class sales organizations into being.

Looking into those two stated factors, I came to a conclusion that there’s definitely a solution which brought today’s world class sales organizations into being.

Hence, in-depth research has led to the fruition of HEED. A team of experts aiding organizations in their paradigm shift to focus on the core pillars of their sales: to build a predictable, and scalable sales organization, and link the set strategies, plans, processes with the front-liners. All this executed by integrating science, data, analytics and technology into a formula as we believe that this is what will set companies ahead of their competition.
Today we further invest intensively in our research as we believe this will always remain our competitive edge.

The Four Key Elements


HEED is an execution based firm whose solutions and actions are successfully implemented and fully adopted.

Depth & Breadth

Solid Sales Background: With broad on-ground sales expertise combined with our industry knowledge, analytical structured mindset, and best practices, we help business leaders make the right decisions and implement successfully to drive global efficiency and tangible business impact.

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You + US

Pragmatic Process Consultants: We are invested partners who thrive on collaboration. We believe that the best way for us to work for you is to collaborate with you. Thus coming from a third point of view and as process consultants we move in tandem with our clients to work jointly with the entitled people to develop and build the best fit solution.

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Insights & Technology

We are precise and scientific: driven by facts, not hunches and intuition. We use the power of analytics to get to the root causes of your issues and leverage technology solutions to increase business performance.

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Guarantee Results

Discipline of Execution: Companies have been hiring us to work closely with them to achieve results. Such projects’ successes or failures could be easily spotted, thus it’s our main interest to guarantee results. As such, we follow closely in building up the momentum of flywheel model to insure consistency and coherence until we guarantee the success of the project.

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HEED members




For more than 15 years, Mazen has worked with clients in various industries helping them improve their business through transforming and developing all areas of their sales organization. Throughout his consulting engagement, he steered, trained, coached and directed more than a thousand people in sales, marketing and business development across the region. Mazen, being a member of the International Sales Management Association, envisioned a brighter and more respected future for the sales profession, one that is based on science and solution-consulting.

In 2011, Mazen founded HEED and started the vision journey to position the company as a first reference for companies in the region facing challenges within their sales organizations or looking to drive growth in their sales revenues.





Wael combined his mechanical engineering skills with his passion of sales to invest in his profession and reach to be today the principal in applying the analytical mindset in all sales management development projects. Wael’s role in HEED had been proven and scaled up to be the project manager of most sales optimization, and business development projects leading the customer's organization to follow a data-driven framework. In addition, he has mastered his input of coaching and training different levels of sales representatives.

Wael’s areas of expertise include sales analytics, data analysis and planning, and efforts optimization. He leads most projects in the region to transform their business strategies and shift the executive mindsets towards a scientific decision making.




Operations Manager

More than a decade of orchestrating several mid-large project implementations for various clients in different fields. Her achievements covered conducting extensive need and gap analysis for clients' business, and leading the entire functional life cycle of project implementation in Lebanon and the GCC region, from gap and business analysis, business consultancy, functional implementation, to documentation, training and support. Norma developed great trust and respect with clients, from different sectors, departments, and seniority with her combination of business, functional and technical skills and competencies in her projects.

Norma finally landed in the midst of Heed to invest her capabilities in shaping the refined sales consultancy services to esteemed clients.



Senior Consultant

Amer has built profound business consulting experience especially in the FMCG through his Sales Management career for several top notch organizations both in Lebanon and the Arabian Gulf. Since 2004, Amer established himself a reputation for being a genuine consultant and trainer in an elite network after acquiring his executive MBA from the American University of Beirut.

At HEED, Amer has proven to be the expert consultant to clients by empowering them to adopt science-based methods towards business and operations efficiency, and solution-oriented approaches.



Senior Consultant

Kayan is a sales-oriented strategic management consultant with expertise in leadership and organizational change. Kayan is well investing his business knowledge obtained from his MBA and his doctoral at Walden University, Minnesota. Starting as a consultancy services salesperson, Kayan made his way through successfully delivering tens of consultancy projects.

Coupling his passion towards business development and strategic consulting, Kayan joined HEED to help clients leverage on science to achieve strategic management goals.



Alaeddin AL SADEQ

Senior Consultant-Change Management

Alaeddin is an industrial engineer with 16+ years of practical experience in several countries and multi business domains. Alaeddin is focused on what brings value to the organizations in terms of business transformation and change management, and is always delivering the best change management practice, with tailored and customized solutions to improve business digital transformation efforts.

Alaeddin joined HEED to promote the change management implementation and to deploy the best change management framework which in turn assures smooth sales transformation and improved outcomes.



Anthony HADDAD


Anthony has successfully been prospering his career using his mechanical engineer skills and focusing on his passion for sales. His experienced years were in the fields of sales and service providing. Anthony has reached throughout his path a solid technical background and has developed analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Resilient and determined, Anthony has joined HEED and completed its entire sales program, then transferred the combination of his practical and conceptual knowledge to pledge into the consultancy career of our projects.




Marketing Operations

Nour is a Political Science graduate from AUB. She has worked on several marketing initiatives and campaigns prior to her graduation. It is with those projects, where she found her passion for marketing and decided to pursue a career in digital marketing. Nour joined HEED at the beginning of the year to aid in developing and growing its digital marketing presence and reach.



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