Three Great Choices

5 years back, I was starting the 2011, with a new journey entering for the 1st time, HEED offices. I can still remember the stress, responsibility,  fear of failure, even the feel of loneliness, as if I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Today stepping to our new re-branded offices in the Beirut Digital District, I look back at all our successes, achievements; I feel very excited and optimistic for the start of 2016.

I can see that we are closer now to the year 2020 than to the day we have started. We are closer to celebrate our 10th anniversary, than the day resiliency, guts, persistence, and focus were our headlines.

From this spirit, we thought of sharing few articles that we believe were the lessons that we as well as other successful companies have learned, followed and will further pursue to always make it through.

Article #1 – Leading in a non-ending Crisis

Companies who make it and grow after any crisis are those who invest in such times. On the contrary those who go out of the market or strive after crisis are those who were trying to defend their positionRead Article

Article #2 – Today’s Situation – What’s Next

data statistics

In such times, many people become the victim of the “wait and see” attitude.  Whereas leaders get ready and prepared for the upcoming bright future. Learn how Data, and Analytics are the Path and the Bridge from Insights to Actions and Results...Read Article

Article #3 – Gain More Selling Time

Based on CSO study, the amount of time sales professionals are spending on selling activities have dropped from 37% to 35%, while 92% of firms in 2015 are still increasing their sales targets. Check out how SalesFitRx could help you drive more revenue by increasing and optimizing salespeople’s selling time...Read Article