On this special occasion, Heed team would like to extend their warmest greetings, wishing you all Happy Holidays. May 2013 be filled with joy, peace, happiness, success and prosperity.

On a close upcoming date, 1-Jan-2013 will be Heed’s 2nd anniversary as well.

No doubt that 2012 carried a lot of challenges throughout the region. It has affected a lot of countries,, families and children. The crisis even crawled to hit the economy part, breaking some and slowing others, each from its own perspective. But what was and is more obvious, is the Resilience of the people. I could see it running in our blood. And this is what set us apart from other nations, thus still pushing the flywheel of our economy.

True as defined, being resilient is not easy. It requires a deep belief in the intention of why and what you are doing. Further it required us within HEED to continuously re-energize by heeding to the positive vibes transmitted from everything around us.

Vibes transmitted from:

  1. The courage and wisdom, it required our clients to trust us and our newly invented scientific sales consultancy in the beginning of our journey.
  2. The patience of the Sales Managers to wait under all the stressful challenges to see the long-term lasting outcome of our engagements.
  3. The energy, efforts and flexibility of the salespeople to shift their way of doing sales, and follow a disciplined structured approach.
  4. The self-initiative of our great readers to translate many times some of our articles prior to distributing it to their sales team, or others to share it with their people, and continuously send us their encouraging feedback.
Thank you, it is because of you we are here today. Your support aided us in many achievements. Such as:
  1. Creating two employment opportunities: Further plans for 2013 are on the move.
  2. Proving and validating the tremendous importance of Science into Selling: 100% Successful engagements
  3. 100% Revenue Growth: We look forward for another similar success in 2013.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: Among all the 2012 challenges, we made it this year too.


Thank you all,
We look forward for another successful year.
HEED team.
Happy new year.