From A Simple Need, To A Successful Journey, To Finally A Major Shift Of Integrating Science Into Sales.

Hawkers Beer, founded in 2014 with a commitment to spread flavourful beer, is an unconventional brewing company based in Melbourne, Australia. Despite its steady growth, management needed to really understand and analyze the underlying sales and operations data to begin to build on their strength and address their weaknesses. The gold-mine that is their data helped uncover important business insights. Like many other companies, Hawkers used many independent systems and tools in their departments to record and report, but were able to understand that simple reporting and untapped data are not useful if not turned into insightful information followed by crucial business actions.

As a business owner myself, I can tell you that we like to think we understand our business and that we are on top of it. But…” Mr. Mazen Hajjar , CEO Hawkers Beer.