There’s no doubt that the past two years were full of extreme challenges. This all started on October 17th, 2019, when the Lebanese people reached their tipping point resulting in nationwide mass protests. Unfortunately, our revenue stream took a big hit, but this was a wake-up call to shift gears and focus on our original plan, the Gulf market.  By the time we started planting seeds for fruition and growth, a global pandemic coupled with an immediate closure of all travel borders radically disrupted the way we operate, hence hindering our growth. Given such dire circumstances, the need to adjust was unquestionable, thus we had to switch gears and become accustomed to new ways of conducting business.

Consequently, the August 4th, 2020 tragedy paved the way for a new and unforgettable pathway Beirut was heading for; one which diminished our beautiful city and its people. The replay of such an event still relapses in our mind as we could still hear the sound of the explosion, and feel the glass of our previous offices falling upon our heads while we run to safety. Regardless of how much everyone spoke of the entrepreneur journey and learning curve, these years brought a different learning experience. It reminded us of our human values, solidarity, empathy, and ethics. I believe, in such moments, you do not have time to weigh your options and rationalize, instead, you must trust your instinct and intuition. This is where decisions are crucial, as the choices made reflect the values of their leader. Thus, difficult times coupled with the right decisions, unite the team to keep sailing the ship among all obstacles until the storm settles. Further proving that resilience, adaptability, and a clear vision are essential to shape the future and lead the way from surviving to THRIVING.


Hence, I would like to thank every member within HEED for the unity, dedication, and adaptability they have exhibited for the last two years. Likewise, I want to thank our clients, who proved that our relationship forms a type of partnership. I am proud that we were able to see numerous opportunities, a new horizon, and bigger potential for HEED to take a leap full of success and achievement.
We are always eager to share our successful events and transformations. However, we found it difficult to do so while so many mourn their loved ones who passed away during the Beirut blast or due to the pandemic.
Today, I am proud to announce the launch of our monthly newsletter, to share with you some of our successes and new horizons.

Mazen Farah 


We will always believe in our hometown Beirut as a place with people full of talent, ability, and constant perseverance. However, the UAE has been proven to be a great hub for the region, offering superb infrastructure, ease of constructing business, and provides central access to the entire MENA market. As a result, we made the decision in early 2020 to move to the UAE. We began by transitioning legally, then mentally, and gradually physically. We view HEED FZ-LLC as our Head Quarters and Business Development main entity for the region. We will constantly strive to maintain our Beirut office as a kitchen and lab for Lebanese talent.


We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the Strategic Road Map Transformation for Alessa. Alessa has proven to be a leading manufacturer and distributor for appliance brands, an entire commercial arm. We would like to thank Alessa’s top management for entrusting HEED above other consulting firms that they previously worked with. We pride ourselves that such engagements among others have proved that our boutique consulting firm can deliver high-end tailored solutions with proven success.


With the success of the Covid Response Team that was allocated at the beginning of the pandemic to aid, advise and bring insights to our clients as complimentary service in such tough surviving times, and for what it has brought as fruitful outcomes and great feedback for our clients, we decided to relaunch a continuous Response Squad Team to cater to answering any relevant inquiries.

The objective of this team is to provide fruitful insights and advice from top-notch consultants and experts in the field of sales, marketing, customer behavior, and market dynamics. We aim to aid you through the post-pandemic from surviving to thriving and designing the new normal when it comes to sales and marketing.

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Ali is an MSc. Advanced Chemical Engineer graduate from Imperial College London. Ali joined HEED as an Associate Consultant at the beginning of 2021. Prior to joining HEED, Ali was a Partner and Co-Founder of WANOWI, an innovative online B2C e-commerce platform that connects streetwear buyers & sellers across the MENA region.
Associate Consultant 

Nour is a Political Science graduate from AUB. She has worked on several marketing initiatives and campaigns prior to her graduation. It is with those projects, where she found her passion for marketing and decided to pursue a career in digital marketing. Nour joined HEED at the beginning of the year to aid in developing and growing its digital marketing presence and reach.
Marketing Operations 


The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a constant debate between business owners, CEOs, and sales leaders about how to react to such a crisis. It rapidly made “business as usual” obsolete. Nevertheless, accelerating the adoption of a digital transformation within the front liners became Ceo’s top priority.

Thus we felt the responsibility of our mission, aiding organizations in the new normal. We have set our learning path at an accelerated speed, leveraging on our solid expertise, knowledge, and skills to direct our efforts to aid our clients to adapt to the major customer changes and prepare them for the future.

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