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Past time, the thoughts and attempts of putting science into the art of  selling failed. This was due to many factors mostly lie behind the belief that a salesperson is born. Today, debates circulate around which comes first, but what is obvious and could not be denied anymore is the importance, potential and the necessity of such combination.

Science in its simplest form, is a terminology recently frequently used when referring to any structured process. A process that would be used in taking decisions, building strategies, or even following steps and tasks  that will eventually lead to a visible “secured” outcome rather than relying only on our guts.

HEED solution is a project based service divided into different phases and modules to create a sales performance system for sales organizations and sales people that relies on metrics and quantitative analysis.  This project starts first and foremost by a vital critical phase, The Analysis Phase.


Science in Analysis

What sets this phase  apart from common sales analysis, is the strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both numbers, science and the art of selling in a way that can influence how an organization approaches any sales challenge.

With our solid math background and the way we look into numbers, we come to build various metrics and analytical hypothesis that set this analysis apart from some data in excel sheets.

This exercise coupled with our sales experience and our structured mentality will lead to a very clear data that would clearly describe the sales problems, challenges and potential. Such information will aid in drawing the suitable solution.


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