Sales People

Hire the same successful sales people every time: The purpose of defining a detailed structured hiring process in advance is to minimize the various challenges and errors most companies face when it comes to hiring sales people or sales managers. This is due to very important hidden factor that affects the hiring decision when it comes to interviewing randomly few people, while selection is based on the gut feelings. HEED will map the profile of sales people required to every position linked to a structured recruitment methodology to follow.

Develop and coach the sales people measurably: Surveys showed that most candidates are trained by being shadowed for few weeks with one of the company’s top sales people. But this is not a teachable repeatable way to sell. Eventually this leaves the management with an only mean of motivating salespeople or firing the least productive and rolls the dice in hiring newcomers. HEED builds and conduct a measurable sales development program circulated around the understanding of selling and how to follow a structured selling approach, rather than any egotistical motivational stories. Such program could extend beyond three months duration including extensive coaching and on-ground insights and visits. Its outcome is extremely significant.

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