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3 Tools to benefit from your intact data and drive your Sales

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TABLEAU, a proven leader in the Magic Quadrant


Part of our mission “Putting Science into Sales” and aiding sales management make sense of data and turn it into actionable insights, Heed continues its successful journey to become the only Certified Alteryx Professional in the Middle East and to acquire recently Tableau partnership, the best...Read More »

Build Data Insights with Tableau Workshop



We are glad to announce that the first “Build Data Insights with Tableau”...Read More »

It is Not Only About Sales Efficiency


The most important objective for Sales Operations is to focus on Sales effectiveness rather than efficiency, bearing in mind that the roles within this organization vary significantly from company to company.

Sales Operations often plays a strong support role with other functions.

Studies have revealed that...Read More »

Sales Analytics: The New Science of Winning


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2016 - And It Has Begun







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Data Driven Sales Forecasts


How to benefit from your sales data

“Analysts spend much of their time preparing data for analysis and relatively little time on the analysis itself.”

Recently, everyone everywhere is talking about the potential in data. Business magazines, blogs and publications are significantly enlightening the potential of analyzing data that leads to reducing...Read More »

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