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Few weeks ago I was sitting in the conference organized by Lebanon Opportunities “Success under duress”, when the former Minister Dr. Jihad Azour captivated me with his observation about the lebanese economy. Statistically he mentioned that we have the strongest and fastest acceleration in jumping and bending back when sensing a bright light in the dark tunnel of any crisis.

There is no doubt that this conference brought some positive vibes and we are all confident about Azour’s observation, but still,we all say and wish if we could know when this crisis would come to an end.
We have become overwhelmed with the negative news, and the slow market growth that set us all unconsciously in a state of survival mentality and attitude. Such position made our thoughts clouded and our sight towards our vision unclear and our ships and goals on the horizon difficult to reach.
But “Behind every crisis, lies another opportunity”,jointly with Azour’s reading brings oxygen back to the game. Thus, looking at the other side of the picture, we could see much bigger opportunity from any previous crisis. Geographically, Lebanon is the closest country to the Syrian biggest cities. Further, I believe that during these 3 years, we have helped, supported and built relationships with many Syrian business people that would open doors and future business collaborations. Thus we will not only leverage on the internal economical growth but also the huge opportunities and needs required to build Syria back as well as the positive impact it will bring on to our market.
The Challenge – Easier Said Than Done
But until that day, we are standing in a situation where the controllable constraints are minimal, and any motivational actions might appear theoretical and easier said than done. But that’s why many people become victim of the “wait and see attitude”, while leaders value this time to collect appropriately their data, and apply rigorous analysis that would be the path from insights to actions and then positive results.
They understand that strategies and successful companies is not like “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The Solution –

Data, Analytics & the Path from Insights to Actions and Results

The symptoms of the “ready-fire-scattered” approach in such situation: described with lot of sales activity by the time crisis comes to an end would lead to increase in numbers, but not to the optimal potential your organization could benefit from.  Top leaders have a very solid understanding that achieving consistent scalable performance year after year demands having a solid sales strategy, rather than taking advantage solely from the market changes.

We believe that it is the best time, to set the discipline and invest in time and efforts to analyze rigorously your data. Our previous analysis for the quantitative data expressed in the form of sales metrics was used to diagnose root causes of success and/or failure. That is why top leaders foresee that putting analytics to use in the widest possible range would aid clearly in their decisions and guide their future strategies as well as their day-to day tactics. Decisions based on rigorous analysis could be easier made and thus validate the correlation between performance and analytics.

How We Could Help You
If you are looking to analyze your data so you would have a better observation and insights about your sales organization that you could strategize upon, we are happy to come in to aid in developing this process and deploy all tools needed to accelerate the performance by:
  1. Data: Collecting and aggregating all required data aligned with the vision and scope of the project
  2. Analytics and Insights: Building up all hypotheses needed to do the required observations. Such scientific analysis will draw a better picture and good insights for better planning and decision making.
  3. Actions: joining our expertise together to discuss the insights and observations in order to develop together the best strategy, plan and actions required.
  4. Result: We continue to execute the set plans that link together people, plan, processes and systems.
As a boutique sales management consulting firm focusing solely on assisting organizations in developing, transforming and optimizing their sales organization, we can further help in any of your uncertain sales challenges, and sales performance optimization.
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What’s Different In Our Approach

Our unique boutique approach towards achieving results and the success of our engagements is based on three key elements:
  1. Science into Sales: Coming from a scientific analytical mindset coupled with our solid sales experience and understanding of the market gives us the privilege to set this analysis apart from common sales analysis and some comparative sheets and reports. Such exercise would aid in identifying the root causes of the challenges.
  2. Pragmatic Process Consultants: We believe that the best way for us to work for you is to collaborate with you. Thus coming from a third point of view and as process consultants we move in tandem with our clients to collaborate with the entitled people to develop, and build the best fit solution.
  3. Discipline of Execution: Companies have been hiring us to work closely with them to achieve results. Such projects’ success or failure could be easily spotted, thus it’s our main interest to “guarantee” results. As such, we follow closely in building up the momentum of flywheel model to insure consistency and coherence until we guarantee the success of the project.