How we Started:

Sales & Marketing is known to be the front-line playing vital role in driving revenue growth and achieving overall company's’ objectives.

Yet, sales continues to be one of the most poorly studied areas of business, especially with the common misconception that a good sales force forms a group of good sales individuals - “All we need to do to fix our sales force is to hire better people, have a better compensation plan and provide more trainings.”

Accordingly HEED came to fruition striving to aid in today’s paradigm shift of the sales organization anatomy by building a predictable scalable sales organization.
Our efforts include executing the set plans that link together strategy, structure, people & technology through structuring, transforming, optimizing and integrating the required technology software that drives this solid sales organization system.
Scientifically such projects will elevate the plateau of the middle performers’ by 30% that yield in-turn to a 55% increase on their sales performance. This sums up with at least 38.5% increase of the overall sales performance.

Since 2011, we have successfully implemented and brought into picture the effectiveness of science within sales by linking together strategies, processes, people, and technology.
Such engagements, with no exception have proved a very successful on-going results overcoming the above figures in various projects across different industries..


What We Offer:

Expand your horizon

Possibility to expand your horizon by helping leading organization drive revenue growth and solve their challenging business issues.

Breakthrough business

Experience on breakthrough business thinking and methodologies applied by a proven, tenured and highly motivated team.

Cultures and Industries

Working in a number of cultures and industries and a fast-track professional development with an international presence.

Compensation package

A highly competitive compensation package including base salary, performance bonus and a generous expense policy for all levels.

Our consultants typically follow the following path:
Business Analyst ▸ Associate Consultant ▸ Consultant ▸ Associate ▸ Principal

Who We Look For:

The person needs to have excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

He or she should have the strong analytical mindset with an eye for the details.

He or she should have a structured way of thinking, that assists him/her to break down complex models.

Capable of working independently, and having responsibility as an individual.

The person needs to be skilled, qualified and adaptable to manage rapid development in a fast-moving working environment.

  • Mazen E. FARAH

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  • Wael E. FARAH

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  • Mohammad S. Moussa

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If you are interested in working at HEED, please send us your resume with a cover letter explaining your background and motivation for consulting.

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