Driving Revenue Growth by a Definitive B2B Digital Transformation:

The Biggest Challenges in Today’s B2B Business


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been many debates between business owners and Chief Growth Officers, and Sales Leaders about what and how to react in such a crisis. To a lot of people, It might have rapidly made “business as usual” obsolete.

But no doubt, the impact on customer’s behavior and market dynamics is homogeneous and left us dazzled with what to do and where to start from.

Through this webinar, we will reach out to the experts on this subject to understand how far this has impacted the Sales in the B2B Business and what others have done about it and what impact they had.

EVENT OUTLINE – Leading topics to be covered:

  • Market Insights

 About the B2B Business, tangible examples of how the client’s purchasing behavior has changed and impact the market dynamics. 

A brief discussion on a moderately low present-day B2B customer experience that is preventing organizations from growing existing accounts and attracting new customers. 

The evolution of purchasing behavior needs, and why they need to undergo a customer-centric omnichannel strategy will also be elaborated on. 

  • The Main Challenges 

What are the different customer journey steps? What are some customer pain points experienced along the journey?

  • The New Normal 

What are some key digital initiatives that can be implemented within the customer journey?

  • Case Studies 

A brief talk of a few case studies with proven success in implementing digital initiatives.




This live event is designed for all people who are in any Sales Leader role including:

–  Business Leaders
–  CEO’s
–  Head of Marketing 
–  Sales Directors/Managers
–  Other similar roles 


  Mazen Farah

Mazen is an expert and strategic consultant in Sales Management and Revenue Growth. He’s the Managing Partner and Founder of HEED, a management consulting firm with offices in Dubai and Beirut.  He has successfully led and aided many transformation projects with a diversified portfolio mainly in the MENA region.


Ali Shour 

Ali is a  data-driven associate consultant at HEED. He brings his MSc Advanced Chemical Engineer Background and his entrepreneurial skills in his Digital Startup to aid in successfully integrating Digital into Sales and Marketing in multiple diverse industries.



JULY 7, 2021  from 4 pm to 5 pm (GST)

For more details, do not hesitate to contact our information team at info@heed-mm.com 


HEED is a data-driven management consulting firm aiding clients in the MENA region, specifically the GCC, in driving their revenue growth and adapting to the new market dynamics by putting Science, People, and Technology into the heart of what we do. 

Whether your commercial arm (sales and marketing) needs optimization, an entire transformation, or riding the digital reality, HEED takes full ownership in getting this well crafted and executed through its three main pillars: CONSULTING, DIGITAL, and ANALYTICS.